And the winners are...

Dienstag, 15. Juli 2008

Finally we've chosen the Blogs that should be honoured with the Brilliance Award 2008!

As we both love to read foreign craft blogs and are interested in the influences from other countries, we decided to give the award to several non-german blogs.

Rules for this award:

The award winner may put the award logo in his blog and puts a hyperlink to the person he got the award from.

Then he or she nominates 7 other blogs to win this award and puts hyperlinks to these Blogs in the award posting.

Now he just has to leave messages on the nominated Blogs to tell them they got the award.


For our non-german visitors:
you can click on the link below to translate our Blog - its an automatic translation and sometimes really funny but you may get an idea whats going on here!
This page in English


For our GERMAN visitors:
Nein, keine Angst, es geht nicht in Englisch weiter... aber der Post musste einfach auf englisch sein -wer damit Probleme hat der bekommt hier die Übersetzung in umgekehrter Richtung :)